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Working with an SRS® Realtor

Working with an SRS® Realtor
Emme Zheng, NC Realtor

The Seller Representative Specialist designation is recognized by the National Association of Realtors as the premier credential in seller representation. SRS® real estate agents adhere to elevated professional standards and performance. SRS® agents must be qualified through additional training and exceed a threshold of past sold listing to prove true experience.

At Blue Orchid Realty, we are proud to serve our clients with a modern approach to selling real estate that makes sense for today's digital age. As an SRS® listing agent, Emme Zheng provides Blue Orchid clients an elite service where the seller's success is our absolute top priority. If you need real estate services in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, we would love to help! Call us at 919-592-8811. Or email


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