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Asteria, a Disney Community in Pittsboro, North Carolina

Disney is bringing its magic to Pittsboro, North Carolina, with the announcement of Story Living, a new community project. Here's what can expected:

1. Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes: Planned for about 4,000 residences. Some neighborhoods will be reserved for 55+. Prices have not been announced.

2. Amenities: Homeowners will enjoy a clubhouse, swimming pool, wellness center, community garden, and extensive trail system.

3. Style: Disney Imagneers will collaborate with builders to achieve cohesive design guidelines that adds to community themes.

4. Community Engagement: Story Living aims to foster a strong sense of community through events and shared spaces managed by "cast members."

5. Local Partnerships: Disney's investment will support local businesses and contribute to Pittsboro's economic growth.

Disney's Story Living aims to offer residents a blend of magic and practicality for community living in Pittsboro starting in 2027. It will be located in Chatham Park and the main community will be called Asteria.


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