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A step by step guide on what to expect in a typical real estate transaction for sellers. Please don't hesitate to contact our agents with any questions or concerns you will have.

We will do a consultation to learn about your needs so we can understand how best to help you achieve your goals. We will work on your behalf and look out for you best interest and negotiate to get you the best deal possible.

Hire a Realtor

We will evaluate the price of your home by doing a comparative market analysis (CMA). This consists of comparing your property to similar comps that recently sold in the market. We also take into consideration factors like location desirability, home upgrades, special features, etc.

Research Property Value

We will execute a custom strategy that to best market your property. We hire professional photographers to take photos of your home at no charge to you. We strongly emphasize the importance of having a strong online presence though multiple real estate sites and social media. 

Marketing Your Property

With Emme's expertise and experience and design, we will advise you personally with tips and strategies to help best showcase your property for potential buyers. Staging is an extremely important part of selling which can make a tremendous impact on desirability.

Showcasing the Property

Once we begin receiving offers to purchase your property, we will guide in the process and go over in great detail each part of the contract and how negotiations work. We will work diligently to make sure you get the best deal possible and that you are protected from any unreasonable demands from prospective buyers.

Negotiating Contracts

Once an agreement is made with a buyer, the process towards closing day begins. We will work with you to deal with the logistics of moving and also communicate with you regarding buyer's home inspections for example. We will keep you updated in the progress and guide you on every step moving forward to closing day!

Steps to Closing
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